The Saga Of Toi And Me - A Memoir

By Merredith F. Perkins, Ph. D.
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The Saga of Toi and Me A Memoir is about our environment, family, and ancestry. Its about how the actions of love can be influential and powerful. Saga is about taking risks and learning something that is beneath the surface of our being that makes us fight for our productive lives. Its about being down, but getting up. Its about harnessing a power that we found in ourselves that propelled us forward. Power.

This memoir is for mothers, daughters, fathers and sons, and families who use their interwoven strength to struggle through circumstances of loss and love. My story is for all to read about examples of how resilience, perseverance, and the strength in each of us propels us to develop a power in handling the matters that we can control and matters that we cant, self-power that is taught via a people support system. My survival has to be based on my power of determination to do so... and to have newly defined fun along the way. Toi has unleashed me to do just that. Looking back and laughing is cathartic, that is what The Saga of Toi and Me A Memoir is all about.

About the Author

The authors teaching experience and capacity as an instructional specialist spanned the course of forty years, from pre-school through graduate school. Teaching students in elementary, middle, high school, and graduate school, the author facilitated and managed classrooms as creative learning environments for everyone, including herself as a learner. Her daughter, Toi, there all along her educational path, reminded her of her purpose for teaching, and encouraging her, the author, to climb the educational ladder. Tois mother as teacher, and the teacher as author, has valuable experiences to offer her granddaughter. The author believes that even in retirement, the more she learns, the more she discovers she has more to learn. Living in Lanham, Maryland, the author has creative learning plans and experiences in store for her granddaughter who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 312