The Runt

By Rusty Levack
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Dave Treadwell, affectionately called "The Runt" by his many friends, is an engaging figure. In this action-packed story we follow his adventures as he drags himself out of childhood poverty by his own sheet determination, ending as a wealthy man. We see that same grit when he comes under enemy fire in Vietnam, completing his mission and rescuing his comrades to win the Medal of Honor. When an old flame becomes entangled with the Mob, The Runt enlists his old army buddies to effect a daring rescue. His two true loves are both touched by tragedy, but again, his stoic fortitude helps him through a dark period. Finally, he reunites his family and reaches peace. With his track record, however, one wonders what further adventures may await The Runt.

About the Author

Rusty Levack is a farmer by occupation and a writer by avocation. Much of this story draws on his own personal experiences, lending it a note of gritty realism. Living in Connecticut with his family, Rusty is an avid gardener and horseman. His previous novel, The Westerner, is also available from Dorrance Publishing.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 154