The Roll Of The Dice

By Tiffany Smith
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The Roll of the Dice is a romance story based on the author’s life. Though some of the characters and situations have been changed, the traumatic events of her own life will help readers see that good can come from any situation, even when they think their hearts are broken beyond repair- and that a little “spice” can keep romance alive.

About the Author

Tiffany Smith lives in California with her husband, who supports her in everything she does, even though some of it may be a bit crazy. She loves to read, write and paint and she adores her dogs. They are her kids. She is all about watching horror movies and reading scary stories and would love to one day be able to write her own horror novel. She is very close to her family and she knows she got her passion for writing from her dad. Although this is Tiffany’s first published book, she hopes to have others out there that excite and inspire her readers.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 486

Customer Reviews

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Jay Rice
Roll of the dice

Awesome book. You really get into the character. The detail of describing her emotions are incredible. High recommend this book.

Dayna Petrucci
Couldn't put it down

This book had everything, romance, suspense, betrayal and so much more. I enjoyed following the characters and seeing their stories unfold. I found myself unable to put it down in anticipation of what was to come.

Roll of the dice

Enjoying it very much!