The Road To Self: A Book Of Poetic Discovery

By Diane Hargraves
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The Road to Self represents Diane Hargraves awakening as a poetic writer. As a law enforcement professional for over thirty-two years, she sought more creative outlets to channel her frustrations, redirect her energies, and to convey messages to her staff and to others through writing.

I was able to accomplish some of these feats and, at the same time, satisfy my need to express my perceptions of the perplexities of life. Poetry became the medium through which I could navigate all of life's ups, downs, and generalities. The theme of my book is indicative of the journey undertaken in my quest to seek explanations or answers to the whys in life, through a poetic viewpoint.

After having a poem published by the International Library of Poetry in a compilation entitled Collected Whispers, I decided to write my own book of poetry, and, hopefully, others.

About the Author

Diane is a retired correctional chief of operations. She attended the University of Illinois, Chicago, and the Chicago State University, Chicago. She is married to Donald Edward Hargraves, with whom she has a daughter, Briana ReJane Hargraves. A native of Chicago, Illinois, Diane counts bowling, reading, writing, and travelling among her special life interests.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 34