The Road To Knowledge

By Moses Wilson III 
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Young Tamba grew up in a prosperous village with his loving parents and enjoyed a happy childhood. One day, a catastrophic hurricane ravages his village, destroying it and separating him from his parents. Forced into the tropical forest, Tamba quickly realizes he must rely on himself and the skills his parents taught him for survival.

Eventually making his way to a neighboring village and reuniting with his family, Tamba learns a very important lesson about growing up and the value of listening and hard work. Join Tamba in his journey down the road to knowledge and discovery of the importance of family.

About the Author

Moses Wilson III is the fourth of five children raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After learning about his family’s heritage, he discovered his descendents were of the Gullah people from Sierra Leone, Africa, known for their farming skills. He currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he volunteers for the Red Cross and Salvation Army. His inspiration to write this book came from the children in Biloxi, Mississippi, who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 36