The Road To Inner Peace

By Billie Sharp Ford
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Road to Inner Peace is based on molding the lives of teenage girls and young women so they can set their goals in life and build their faith in Jesus Christ. It gives them a stability to believe in, focusing their desires that lead to an incredible future, not compromising to drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex, and considering marriage as a serious and permanent decision. Its fun growing up in a loving family, with the excitement of romance competing with sisters and exchanging the ideas of boyfriends. With tears of joy and laughter, we are all survivors by the grace of God. We all make bad choices until we learn to center our lives in Jesus Christ. This gives us the assurance, the ability, and the faith to live by. This book is an oasis for the Christian life, a foundation for the Christian home. It will touch the hearts of those who read it, will strengthen their faith and give them hope for an incredible future.

About the Author

Billie Sharp Ford was born in Kentucky but currently resides in Fort Myers, Florida. She and her late husband have two children: Sue Baker Ellis and Jan Ford Rose. Billie belongs to the Christian Womens Club and the Womens Group of First Baptist Church and she also plays golf. She was the Young Peoples Director for McGregor Baptist Church for two years and was the Womens Missionary Director. She also served as Director of Baptist Young Women, Royal Palm Association, Lee and Collier Counties, for seven years and was the Beautification Chairman for the Plumosa Garden Club for four years. Besides this book, other writing endeavors include writing articles for the Royal Palm Association newspaper for one year and several articles for Baptist Witness. Billie was inspired to write this book from her experiences as a director of young people for five years and a bible study teacher for two years at Lee County Jail. She ministered for five years to the young women in the juvenile detention center who were troubled and felt hopeless.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 228