The Road To Hell: How Far Would You Go For Family?

By Sian Cook
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Lucy, Nina, and Tarquin Noble have lived their lives the only way they know how—in constant terror of an abusive and neglectful father who involves them in his schemes of evading the authorities. Their mother having left them out of the blue one day, the siblings learned to only depend on each other.

But suddenly they find their world has been turned upside down when new evidence suggests their mother’s disappearance may not have been her own choice, thus leading her children to question everything they had ever been told.

The Road to Hell is a psychological thriller about two sisters who, faced with a difficult situation, find very different ways of coping with it. How far can someone go to save their family, and how much can they sacrifice in order to protect their loved ones?

About the Author

Sian Cook is a mother of two who studied medicine, then went on to do advertising, marketing, and copywriting. She was born in South Africa, before moving to the U.S. twelve years ago with her family. She loves reading, writing, and watching sports. She also enjoys learning about psychology and trying to understand why people do what they do.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 266