The River's Destiny

By Barney McMillan
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About the Book

The Rivers Destiny

In this deeply spiritual collection of poetry and essays, Barney McMillans faith-full and emotional words reflect a deep desire to give comfort, hope, and encouragement to all of mankind.

The author weaves threads of love, courage, forgiveness, joy, pain, and sorrow throughout, as haunting, bittersweet memories are evoked and your spirits are lifted. Following The Rivers Destiny may even spur you into action as your mind is refreshed and your compassion overflows. You will also gain a new appreciation for nature as you enjoy its beauty as seen through McMillans eyes.

Timeless and timely, evocative and emotional, prayerful and poetic, Barney McMillan has joined with The Rivers Destiny to bring a positive word to the world.

About the Author

A lifetime resident of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Barney McMillan has raised six children: Gregory, Kenneth, Ronald, Pamela, Deirdre, and Michael. Until health conditions intervened, McMillan enjoyed a career in the field of education and social work. McMillan now enjoys gardening, listening to inspirational/spiritual/gospel music, arts and crafts, reading and writing, and travel, as well as being a member of the Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 228