The Revelation Of Genesis: ‘Back To The Original Hebrew:' Let's Get It Right!

By Michael E White
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Michael E White felt compelled to write The Revelation of Genesis to give clarity to his fellow Christians from new students to pastors. Not-for-profit. We are chasing new students away with teaching a talking snake, and woman with an apple ruining the whole world which is just foolishness. Michael is also tired of the confusion between Noah's flood and what Christ called the katabole. Science and religion don't need to be enemies. Genesis is a history book, not a fairytale; the fact is if you don't properly understand Genesis you won't understand most of Christ's teachings nor the Book of Revelations you have to understand the symbolism Our Father uses to teach.

This study guide will give you some clarity and understanding. Let's bring Bible teaching into the 21st century- and more study guides are coming.

About the Author

Michael E White is a husband a father and a grandfather he has been studying the Bible for close to 20 years he is not a scholar or a professor just a fellow student. His dreams and aspirations would be to create a Bible that is accurate to the manuscripts. and for everyone to be able to understand it. But until then we'll just have to keep making study guides.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 62