The Resurrection Of Moira Morandi, Volume 5: Portrait Of Dr. Nevius, Mad Psychiatrist, Volume 25

By Bert Nayfack
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This is the 25th volume of the series documenting the fictitious misadventures of the innocent or not so innocent therapist Dr. Nevius, and the 4th volume describing his post-mortem attempts to revive his revered suicided love, Moira Morandi. Here the prime energy is the alloying of psychiatry and politics, Dr. Nevius taking on the suicidal society as patient, with the help of his resurrected love—or without it.

Dr. Nevius realizes that if he is to effectively act for the peaceful preservation of humanity, now is the time.

About the Author

Bert Nayfack has been involved in the mental health field for decades, working with the severely emotionally disturbed. He is presenting this work as part of an effort to integrate the ethics of psychiatry and transcendent spirituality into political action, if possible.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 512