The Red Roan Mares

By Kevin Wells
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About the Book

The tight-knit Young family is famous for their champion red roan mares. The horses are priceless talents - and unable to reproduce. When Quart Young, a talented and ambitious trainer, discovers that his favorite mare is injured, he is desperate to find a way to treat her. Quart’s aunt has created a biomechanical chip that can help the body heal itself. This chip could cure paralysis and cancer, and Quart wants his horse treated.

Suddenly, tragedy strikes and the Young family is divided. Greed and violence threaten to destroy everything they’ve worked for. When an offer comes in to clone his horse, Quart is tempted. But can he trust anyone when the stakes are so high?

The Red Roan Mares explores how much good science can do – when it’s in the right hands.

About the Author

Kevin Wells has worked as a professional cowboy all his life. He has trained horses, worked on ranches, participated in rodeos, and is a certified master farrier. He has a bachelor degree from New Mexico State University in Animal Science with minors in biology and chemistry. He is passionate about incorporating his experiences in his writing.

Wells lives with his wife of 42 years in a small town in New Mexico.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 394