The Realms Of Waters

By Anthony Waters
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You’re cordially invited to enter the four Realms of Waters. Each realm has a unique story to explore. Do you yearn for action and adventure? Does an emotional story pull a few heart strings? Can you brave the horrors of the night? Or do magic and mythical creatures tickle your fantasy?

Do you dare to venture these realms?

About the Author

Anthony Waters has always loved venturing through the pages of a good story ever since he could read. He has written multiple stories ever since he was young. Eventually it led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in Creative Writing and English.

He currently resides in Orlando, Florida, where he continues to work in other works such as the next volume of The Realms of Waters and a novel.

When he’s not writing, he loves spending time with his cat Kion, volunteering with a cat adoption agency, going to the movies and spending time with family and friends, which are the driving force in his writing career.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 124