The Real Ranking Of The Presidents: An Accomplishments-Based Evaluation

By Terry L. Koglin
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Taking into account several factors, The Real Ranking of the Presidents: An Accomplishments-Based Evaluation takes a look at the service of every U.S. President. Terry L. Koglin explores the circumstances surrounding each president’s election the economy, political climate, and the opponent. The evaluation is based upon the specific details, and Kogin evaluate in an objective manner, which differs from those done by mainstream commentators.

About the Author

Having been a political activist most of his life, Terry L. Koglin campaigned in elementary school for favored presidential candidates. That same level of political involvement continued through his college career, where his activism came to the attention of the authorities. His activism continued into his adult life when he campaigned openly for favored presidential and other candidates. He has also a special interest in history since childhood. Koglin lives in Wisconsin. This is his sixth published work.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 200