The Real Man: Jeff Compton, Sr. March 10, 1872 - March 18, 1937

By Joseph Compton
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The Real Man: Jeff Compton, Sr. March 10, 1872 - March 18, 1937

The Real Man is a life story of the Compton family and how Joseph Compton’s grandfather interacted as a mentor and his success in life. The level of intellectual energy he expended to make his and his family's life successful was tremendous, and he was able to maintain a steady mind and stay connected to the thoughts and ideas necessary to be successful.

 Joseph’s grandfather was a man who put his family first and did all that he thought necessary for each of them to have a happy life and be successful adults. Read this book to learn from them the factors to be successful adults and become happy parents.

About the Author

As a young man, Joseph Compton became involved with a nursery school and did what he felt necessary to make the program a success and provide a level of joy to the lives for the young kids.

His greatest hobby is reading, and he enjoys doing research of different subjects.

Joseph’s special interest is Black History. It is a pleasure to him to find out what many others have done to make the lives of so many others a joy and to provide a high level of success.

Family is first. It is family that provides the necessary skills for an individual to be successful and happy. They, then in turn, provide to each other a level of contentment that produces a high level of joy.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 210