The Rainbow Factory

By Isaiah Snyder
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Little leprechaun Leo is on a mission to fix the missing color rainbow after a big mistake. The Rainbow Factory encourages children to use their imagination to picture the action and know that anyone can become an author!

About the Author

Isaiah Snyder is a teenager who loves to write. When not writing, he enjoys acting on stage. His other passions are playing the alto and soprano saxophone and cheering at his school as the mascot. The inspiration for The Rainbow Factory came while he was driving in the rain on Interstate 80 while he was helping his dad move stuff into a new house. He saw a rainbow while driving over a bridge and thought, “Imagine if a little leprechaun worked at a place that made rainbows.” About a week later, his teacher assigned a project to write a children’s book and The Rainbow Factory was born!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30

Customer Reviews

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My children love this book! It is their go to bedtime story!

Elizabeth Jackson

Hello! I purchased this book for my kids and they LOVE IT! I really like how the author added blank pages in the back for the kids to make their own stories and draw, so sweet. Keep up the hard work!

Katelyn Johnson
Very good book!

This book is truly amazing. I really like the theme and the pages for the children. So grateful for inspiring young authors!

Stephanie Dixon

I gave this book to my grandson and he loves it! Cute story, cute theme ♥️