The Quiet Ones: Jalen And Diane

By L. M. Lambert
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As children, both Jalen and Diane witnessed the horrors of domestic violence and abuse, both resulting in the death of those they loved the most. The trauma of their past drives them to help others, with Jalen becoming a police officer and Diane choosing to work in social services. But when Diane finds herself married with a child to an abusive husband, she and her young son Jeromy flee the state.

Years later, Diane finds herself settling in a small town, the very same small town where Jalen chose to retire after a being severely injured while on duty. Now in the same place, Jalen and Diane cross paths, and a new relationship is born. As romance begins to blossom, a threat begins to lurk in the shadows. Diane’s ex-husband George shows up in town, threatening Diane and Jeromy to return with him. Now Diane and Jalen must work together to find an ending to the cycle of abuse in their lives, and finally live a life of peace.

About the Author

L. M. Lambert was born in Los Angeles and has lived in California all his life. He is now retired after working for thirty-two years in public transportation.

Lambert is married and is the father to three daughters and grandfather to four grandchildren. He enjoys golfing and fishing and is a member of

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 226