The Quest Of Destiny

By Destiny F. Negron
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Emma, a teenager from Philadelphia, Battles her last year of high school during a pandemic. When suddenly a winter storm arrives, She finds out her mother was ejected from her car in an accident with remains nowhere to be found. Whilst her mothers disappearance haunts her, Emma takes matters into her own hands to find answers. As she searches through her mother’s belongings; Emma comes across a family secret that will forever change her life and her future.

About the Author

Destiny Negron, raised in Philadelphia. Strived to make a positive impact on others. Promoting positive change, generational wealth and self-improvement. growing up in Philly she volunteered in different activities to help her community and those around her. This involvement has led her to stand with churches, government officials and the youth in various movements. Destiny enjoys writing and making a change with others.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 46