The Quest

By Van Genton
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A story of one man and his family, The Quest is about the struggle of survival once the government collapses and the world is forced to rebuild. With the realization that they need to learn how to survive on their own, can the community stick together? With strength in numbers will they rebuild their city? To succeed, they must fight off the evil of everyone around who wants the world to stay wild and lawless. To make it to the next day, they must take on new roles in life. They learn that even if things fail all around us, we can always pick up and start over to rebuild a stronger and better life for everyone.

About the Author

Van Genton is a former Marine of eight years. He loves to hunt and spend time outdoors. His wife and young son are his inspiration to do more with his life. He and his wife own a property investment company, and Genton also manages one of the largest body shops in his area. He does business consulting from time to time when he can fit it in during the week. Learning about politics, world events, and economic issues is something he feels strongly about.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 188