The Queensford Family

By Shelley Hollenbeck
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Seven invited tourists and their tour-guide driver are storm-isolated at Queensford Castle, Cock Robin Island, California. In the grand tradition of Agatha Christies And Then There Were None, all seven die, one by one. Who killed them their Native American driver? Their host? The butler? The answer is much more complicated than Christies, involving the characters past lives and a centuries-old prophecy heralding divine retribution. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Shelley M. Hollenbeck lives in a tiny fishing village in northwestern California, where she has been a real estate broker since 1965. Now widowed, she is close to her sons, Eric and Loni, her daughter-in-law, Viviana, and her granddaughters, Cita, Dayl, Toni, and Cara, who urged her toward publication. A walk on the beach on a rainy day in 1987 caused me to wonder if man really does reap what he sows, she says. The Queensford Family was the answer to that question, This is her first novel.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 152