The Protectors: Part I: An Eye For An Eye

By John O. Grimley
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The Protectors, Part I follows along with the Williams family during the final years, months, and days up to the translation of Christ’s Church.

Bruce is a well-renowned international lawyer. His wife, Alyce, is a fiery redhead but through her years of training as an ER doctor and self-defense training she is well able to control her sudden impulses. Their son, Robbie, is a southern Border Patrol Agent. Their daughter, T’ryce, is a precocious teenager going into her senior year of high school at a Messianic Church School in California. She becomes proficient not only in all of her studies but also in table tennis, pickleball, and self-defense.

The enemy of the human soul is self-evident in this book as the Williams family, through their talent and skills and the guidance, protection, and direction of the Lord, thwarts daily his designs on their lives.

The Protectors, Part I is very clear, right from the beginning, that the Williams family and those they join with are not Messianic Christians just in word only but also in deeds, aggressive and decisive deeds. It is hoped the readers will take away from this work the urgency of making sure they have received Christ as Savior and Lord before it becomes too late.

About the Author

John O. Grimley publicly made his profession of faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior and was baptized by a Nigerian pastor, one of his father’s associates. Now semi-retired and an avid fan of the sport of pickleball, he is employed part-time by the Ray & Joan Kroc Community Center (The Salvation Army). His primary responsibility is to develop the game of pickleball through teaching and instruction and by running open court sessions, ladder leagues, clinics, tournaments, and pickleball and pizza nights. As of August 2020, he is a nationally certified pickleball coach.

John is available to speak and teach at churches, fellowships, and Sunday Schools, as well as to audiences both in the religious and public sectors.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 32