The Prospector's Journal

By Tim Hunt
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The Prospector’s Journal is a story about a young, disabled war veteran down on his luck and decides to spend his time prospecting. When he explores an old, abandon mineshaft, he finds the remains of an old prospector who has been dead for over 150 years. Next to the bones is a journal written back in the 1860s. The journal, written in the man’s own hand, tells of this old man’s discoveries. He had once recovered the entire fortune of Montezuma’s Treasure. Filled with excitement, and looking for something to do with his time, the modern-day veteran follows the dead man’s clues from the journal in an effort to discover if the treasure remains hidden.

About the Author

Tim Hunt is a lifetime resident of Utah. He is married and has four children and seven grandchildren. He has worked for forty years in the service industry. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping. His favorite hobby is metal detecting and prospecting in search of the yellow gold. His dream is to one day find a mega treasure, be it a gold vein or a cache of old coins. He has written one other book, The Volunteer.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 146