The Progeny Of Misinterpretation

By Leon Allen Bryan
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This is the riveting story of a young woman whose unfortunate upbringing colors her adult life with secrecy and violence. While Terri Anderson seems to have it all together and a very successful career, secretly she is beleaguered by demons spawned by a statement made before she was even born and her mothers words.

Leon Allen Bryan takes the reader from the family history through the end of Terris torment along the path of carnage that takes place as she desperately searches for love. In the authors words, The life that was born from a series of misunderstandings was finally ended by one.

About the Author

Leon Allen Bryan and his wife Pamela live in Harlem, NY. Leon attended Manhattan Community College and York College in Queens. He is blessed with three children and works for the United States Post Office. Leon is also the author of Tales Of the Obeni.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 264