The Profound Spirituality Of Jesus Christ: The Core Of His Love Life

By Fr. Douglas Leslie Rowe S.F.P.
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Many people have different understanding about being a true Christian.

There are those who think that following the Ten Commandments is enough, while some consider good acts as the straight way to a life pleasing to God, and yet others think that abandoning worldly things and devoting their life to the Father in Heaven can consecrate their souls.

In this booklet, readers will have a more pellucid comprehension of how the Father in Heaven wants His children to unite with Him, through His begotten Son, Jesus Christ. The work centers on the Spirituality of Christ, differentiating it from the kind of spirituality known to many, and providing explanations on how people can attain such kind of spirituality in this present time.

The Profound Spirituality Of Jesus Christ, by Fr. Douglas Leslie Stanislaus Rowe SFP teaches us how to achieve a true filial relationship with the Father as we prepare to come to Him.

About the Author

An ordained priest of the Catholic Church, Fr. Douglas Leslie Stanislaus Rowe SFP graduated with a bachelors degree in philosophy and theology. He received his diploma in personal counseling and also studied transactional analysis and therapy, Ignatian spirituality and spiritual direction, and retreat giving. He studied classical and Gregorian music and plays several musical instruments such as piano, violin, and guitar; he also creates his own music and writes spiritual and religious songs.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 104