The Princess Without A Dress

By Alexander Keith Ahrenholtz
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The Princess Without a Dress tells the story of a young girl who feels pretty and special when she wears her princess dresses, but not so pretty when she has to take them off for bedtime. The story reminds readers that no matter your physical appearance or what someone else thinks of your nose or eye color or haircut, that someone out there loves you and thinks you are beautiful without hiding behind a mask—or dress in this case.

About the Author

Alexander Ahrenholtz is recently married to his beautiful bride, Michelle, and not only was he blessed with her, but he also received his beautiful step-daughter, Ryleigh, who is almost four and wrote The Princess Without a Dress. Ahrenholtz and his wife just had another daughter as well, Lennon Adeline. He owns a screen-printing company and enjoys meeting new people every day and working with schools and kids for new designs and ideas. He loves spending time with his parents and brother, two sisters and all his nieces and nephews. Ahrenholtz plays golf and basketball in his free time.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 38