The Power Of The Opposite Sex: The Unhappy Housewife

By Arthur L. Talmadge, Sr.
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About the Book

Even the strongest man can fall prey to temptation in the right place at the right time. Such was the case with Arthur. Happily married for fifteen years, he was content in his life as a truck driver, focusing his world around his wife and children. They made up a close-knit family that did everything together and enjoyed the simple pleasures in life. Then Pam entered Arthurs life. Though he resisted at first, something inside of him grew to desire this woman, who stole time with him during his early-morning deliveries. Pam had him woven into her web, and it would take some quick thinking and bold moves for Arthur to escape from her grasp, end the affair, and go back to his wife and family. This story of Arthurs struggle between loyalty and temptation will sweep you off your feet as you read of a few months of scandal in the life of a family man.

About the Author

Arthur L. Talmadge, Sr., received his education from the United States Marine Corp and is a security officer. He is a member of the arts council of Greater New Haven and has four children: Arthur, Jr.; Ilene; Troy; and Heidi. He wrote this book to help others to better understand if they have or are going through similar experiences in their own lives. A native of Connecticut, Arthur still lives there where, in addition to writing, he enjoys abstract art, oil painting, stand-up comedy, singing, cooking, classic car shows, tattoo shows and conventions, and walking.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 94