The Power Of Love

By Carol Rivera
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Power of Love

Carol Rivera had to quit her career in 2010 when her husband became ill and he could no longer help care for their disabled twin granddaughters they had raised since they were 9 months old now 18 yrs old. What a struggle, they had no idea if Rachel Baby B would live and were told both girls would be disabled. Lindsey's (baby A’s) disabilities were mild. She worked hard to overcome her issues and grew up to be a smart woman and is now married with a child of her own and a wonderful husband serving in the Navy. Carol is still caring for Rachel and continuing to help her grow. Never give up no matter their age is her motto. Don't be bashful, speak up with a calm voice.

About the Author

May you learn many things in reading this book to help you on your own journey.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32