The Power Of Choice

By Belu Mabandla
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The Power of Choice

In this world, success is often measured by the wealth and prestige that one acquires. So anyone who does not possess these things is considered a failure. However, for Belu Mabandla, her financial stability and her social status do not matter at all if she cannot sow the seeds that benefit others.

With this in mind, she wrote The Power of Choice, a journal about her personal journey as a successful mother and career woman who was able to weather the storms of her life through her undying trust in God. The book also tells about the experiences of other people that can be a source of inspiration and valuable lessons.

About the Author

Belu Mabandla is a gifted, astute woman of God. She is a mother of two who held senior positions in international trade, economic diplomacy, investment promotion, local economic development and stakeholder relations management. She is well read, well travelled and her career aspirations have placed her in Pretoria, Paris, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. Her success could be attributed to her high work ethic and her high urge to learn.

Published: 2013
Page Count: 138