The Power Of Angels

By Maurine Hatton
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Many people talk lightly about angels in their lives, quipping about their guardian angel protecting them or making a desired wish come true, but how many of them really believe in angels, guardian or otherwise? According to Maurine Hatton, angels are all around us, and if we only open our hearts and minds to the possibilities of The Power of Angels, we could make changes in the world as we know it today. Ms. Hatton has had numerous encounters with angels and has learned how the awesome power of positive thinking impacts not only our own lives but the lives of those around us. Encouraging us to explore the possibilities for ourselves as she guides us along the way, Ms. Hatton is looking forward to the vast changes which will occur when people open themselves to The Power of Angels.

About the Author

A retired registered medical secretary with three years of college, Maurine Hatton and her husband, Gordon, have raised two sons, Jeffrey and Rodney. Now making Florida their home, in her spare time Ms. Hatton enjoys canoeing, reading, playing the piano, singing, and writing.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 102