The Power And Magic Of The Appalachian Trail

By Donald E. Williams Jr. “Jug”
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The Power and Magic of the Appalachian Trail is a real life epic tale about a series of hiking trips from Georgia to Maine that Jug and a supporting cast of counselors went on with several groups of multi-ethnic youth. Jug’s sole purpose in conducting these trips was to simply have the youth live in the mountains, catch some panoramic views, feel the pulse of the wild, hoping that the experience would trigger an awakening of the spirit and open up a brand new world that they all could express with love and pride. The trips were not easy. The Appalachian Trail hikes were mentally challenging, physically demanding, and requiring deep soul searching daily. Yet in the end, the explorations were immensely positive and also were enriching experience for the youth. The Appalachian Trail provided a setting that allowed for the openness and freedom where there is no limit to self growth, the greatest trail of all.

About the Author

Donald E. Williams Jr., known affectionately as Jug by friends and family, was born and raised in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. He and his son Sky hold the record in America for being the first and only African-American father and son pair to complete the Appalachian Trial together. His love for hiking and the great outdoors began many years ago as a young adult in his twenties, he was lost and confused, trying to find himself. He found himself on the Appalachian Trial. Shortly after, he also found his wife of 39 years, who also shared a love for walking. Over their many years together they satisfied their mountain fever by going on many mountain hikes together. They have since dedicated their lives to simplicity, appreciating the wonders of the natural world around them. Jug and his wife now reside on 40 acres on top of the Endless Mountain range in Pennsylvania, right outside the majestic Grand Canyon, Pennsylvania. They have a daughter and son, and 3 wonderful grandchildren who spend weeks at a time in the summer at their place enjoying the Great Outdoors.

Jug’s hobbies include gardening, caring for his honey bees, playing his bamboo flute, and writing.

Published: 2018
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