The Potato Tree

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One day a little potato has a thought. He realizes that his true dream is to become a fruit! But how does one just become a fruit? Learning from his fruity friends, Potato tries his hardest to become the fruit he feels he was always meant to be.

The Potato Tree inspires a sense of self-determination. It shows a drive to reach one’s goals, the trials and obstacles on the path to them, and how working through them and believing in yourself will lead you to success.

About the Author

Author Devin Tingle wants to tell his readers, “I do not find that writing is my calling. Writing this story did not require it to be. The nice thing about writing and making stories like these is that it can spawn simply from an idea. As you develop it and bring it into being, it can become something beautiful. So if ever you find that idea that you’d love to bring to fruition, give it a try. You may find yourself surprised with what you can make.”

Devin currently lives in Randolph Center, VT.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 30