The Portrait 1

By Julio J. Orvananos Archer
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The Portrait

With unearthly beauty, unmatched grace, abounding knowledge, and charm like the most venomous of snakes, these creatures haunt the night, stalking their prey and giving them the kiss of eternal peace. They prowl the darkness, seducing unsuspecting men and luring them to the graves, their favorite being sweet, innocent children. They are what are known to us as vampires.

Christopher Normanville is living a most pleasant and luxurious life with his wife, Anne; his children, Jack and little Stacy; and his most trusted helper, Thomas.

He is a member of the board of the Gallery de Champlain and is a man deeply enamored with art and beauty. When their gallery receives a note regarding a most coveted portrait of a fierce Indian warrior, Jack Hawk, Christopher is in ecstasy. With utmost passion, he volunteers to personally retrieve it, not knowing the dark secrets the portrait conceals.

As the mysteries of the portrait are discovered and the identity of Saskia, Christophers beloved music teacher, is revealed, a chase begins. Who will win the race? Who will the heavens favor? Only time can tell.

About the Author

Julio J. Orvananos Archer was born in Mexico City, where he still resides to this day. An actor and writer, he enjoys traveling and learning new things. He is self-educated and can speak four languages, including Spanish and Russian.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 260