The Pony

By Joan (J. P.) Miller
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Every year from their farm in Kentucky, Grandpa Reuben and Grandmom Verna visit their grandchildren, Joan and Lee. Before each visit and before they arrive, Grandpa promises to bring a pony for them to ride. They arrive for the visit, but there's never a pony. Grandpa always has a reason and a story about what happened to each pony and why he couldn't bring it. The children learn two lessons. First, to make the right decision for the right and good reason; secondly and most important, to be concerned, think about, and understand the other side of a situation.

About the Author

As a child, Joan (J. P.) Miller traveled throughout the country while her father was in the military before the family settled in southern New Jersey. Before retiring, Miller had an extensive government career, working for both the General Services Administration and the Federal Aviation

Administration. She later became a real estate broker and formed her own real estate company. She resides in Dallas, Texas.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30