The Poetry Of My World

By Emma Lehmann
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The Poetry of My World is a collage of miscellaneous poems, mostly about the beauty of nature and how Emma Lehmann sees the worlds. Short stories also complete this collection to implement her fantasy side. Memories from Ireland, stories of ancestry, and the woe of heartbreak will inspire readers to find their own inspiration.

About the Author

Emma Lehmann is 21 years old, living in the heart of the Midwest: Iowa. She is the eldest who was born into a family of seven. She went to college and received an associate’s degree in Professional Photography, and now she continues to pursue a degree in history. Her dog, Fin, is one of her greatest loves in the world; he is always by her side as he sees her as his mother, whom he loves dearly. Some of Emma’s interests include coffee, walks in the forests, antiquing, listening to movie soundtracks, and writing poems and lyrics. Her mind is a place for mythical worlds and runaway dreams. She’s always had a deep connection with the trees, flowers, and grass. Stories about other worlds consistently flow through her mind.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 76