The Plantation

By Beatrice Woodruff-Bland
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The daughter of sharecroppers in the Deep South, Beatrice Woodruff describes the daily struggle she and her family had to endure on The Plantation in order to survive. She tells of the long days, the racism, the hard work, and the never-ending chores each member of her family, including young Beatrice, had to do just to survive. But is this is a story of struggle, it is also a story of love and family and how much we can accomplish if we would all work together.

About the Author

A native of Arkansas, Beatrice Woodruff has lived in Kansas City, Missouri, for twenty years, where she works as a nurses aide and is a member of the Rescue Baptist Church. A widow, she has raised five children: Candy, Kevin, Ronnie, Marcus, and Michael.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 32