The Pilgrim

By Mariana K.
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About the Author

Raised in a small village in Romania, in a modest family of seven children, the author walks on the roads of pilgrimage since she was nineteen. In Canada, she completes a course of Freelance Writer, following her passion to write. Then lives in countries like Montenegro, Egypt, Turkey, Austria, Turks & Caicos, Azerbaijan, and Kyrghystan. She travels from Europe to America, from Caribbean Islands to Central Asia, discovering new cultures and different worlds, chasing fulfillment, a place not found yet, something that’s missing... To find it all only when she returns home. Back in Romania, she completes with success a degree from the University of Journalism and continues to write. While she raises her two children, Jules and Imperia, she also brings to life her first novel, The Pilgrim, in a heart-touching and proufound story.

At the moment she lives in her hometown Oradea, is Editor for a Beauty Magazine and continues her projects in passions as Fashion and Promotion.

With new journeys waiting ahead...

Caught in the bustle of life by the dreams of her childhood, by choices and destiny, the author describes her pilgrimage through the world and her experiences far away from home. A story of life about memories from chidhood which walk alongside with you all the way, about faith and not giving up, about the agony of the soul, about losing your way and days which change all that you live and all that you know, days which mean the sky and the earth together. The simpler times from yesteryear make place to the changes of life, years melt in days lived in the past, in goings and coming backs, while among all, here and there, strain those moments which make everything worthwhile. Life as it is. And is always precious.

A profound story about travelings, not so much to places, as through life, about trials and deceptions, about fulfillment.

The Pilgrim—a story of what we carry within.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 132