The Phoenix Within

By Sarah Rose
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About the Book

The Phoenix Within was born after the author read a book by Dr. Ginna O’Connel Higgins, a psychiatrist at Harvard University. It was a book about her study on human resilience. It inspired Sarah Rose to share her story as she is living proof that human resilience can be fostered in even the worst case scenario and despite the setbacks she faced in her formative years as a child.

About the Author

Sarah Rose is an artist, writer, poet, and painter who grew up in Mt. Vernon, Ohio on a 300-acre farm. At twelve she began to write poetry. After she was married, her and her husband lived in Atlanta, George for many years. There a friend convinced her to read her poetry at an open mic night. It was read by a UGA art student and received a standing ovation. Shortly after, Sarah Rose’s work became published both nationally and internationally. By day, she works for a corporate bank. She is married with two children and four grandchildren. She also volunteers to help teens in crisis and loves nature, children and pets. She owns three dogs, two of which are rescued, that are her babies.

About the Artist

Randy Shoman was born and raised in Knox County and lives in Mount Vernon. He became interested in art as a child. This passion grew when he encountered an excellent art instructor in junior high school who taught about perspective and shading. As an adult, he continued to draw in his spare time. He mostly works with pencil but also oil pastels and pen and ink. For twenty-five years, he worked as a graphic designer-artist for a company in Mt. Vernon. He has also done some airbrushing.

He always wanted to paint because he was inspired by his Uncle Wynol’s paintings but was nervous to venture out and try painting himself. Around twelve years ago I bought some supplies, rolled up his sleeves, and went for it. He has enjoyed painting ever since. He had always kept his paintings stored in a room and only showed it to friends and family. But now he believes it is time to share his visions with the world. He looks forward to painting more and plans on following his visions. Creatively placing them on the canvas for the world to see.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 132