The Phoenix Couple: May Day

By Smith E. Wood
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About the Book

How far would you go to reconcile an event from your past? What if the situation undoubtedly changed the course of your life and the life of someone you loved? Tucker Sullivan Brown was a seemingly humble science teacher in Morgan County with an unknown past. Arlie Ward, a wealthy banker and stakeholder in most business that occurred in Morgan County, did not like the man, his associates, or his mysterious ways.

One Friday night at the close of the school year, Arlie was ready to further humble the country school teacher by running him out of a high-stakes poker game. But to his surprise, Brown held strong, and Arlies stubbornness and pride caused him to bet and lose all of his fortune, including his shares in the bank. The events of that night sparked a series of revelations about the connections between the two men.

What was Browns motivation for taking down the most influential man in Morgan County? Will Arlie win back his money with further betting? Will Brown be able to achieve his ultimate goal of uncovering the truths about his past?

About the Author

A native of Philadelphia, Mississippi, Smith E. Wood has lived in Eufaula, Alabama, for the past fifteen years with his wife, Janet. Retired, he enjoys watching television. His other works include a novel, Beyond Childhood, published in 1996.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 120