The Personal In Selling

By Louis Nazionale
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The Personal in Selling

Do you have the drive to be a better, more successful salesperson, but are not sure where to begin? Too often, salespeople focused on making bigger sales and better numbers forget the personal touch that separates exceptional salespeople from the rest. Lifelong sales representative Louis Nazionale wants to help put the personal back into selling. His astute, observant and highly informative guide will help take your selling beyond the numbers and into the art of personalized selling. His engaging techniques, essential best practices and common pratfalls to avoid will prepare you for any curve ball a customer may throw your way. Amusing and thought-provoking anecdotes tie a human element to his pragmatic instruction.

Learn the twelve characteristics of top salespeople and the seven deadly virtues of average ones. Soup up the tools in your selling toolbox, and identify the elusive but necessary changes that will take your selling from good to great. Develop the skills that will have your customers asking for you by name.

This volume includes exercises, worksheets and other key methods of self-evaluation designed to boost your efficiency, build your skill set, improve your numbers and take your selling to the next level.

About the Author

As a successful salesperson of over forty years, Louis Nazionale has learned more than a few lessons about selling. A self-proclaimed salesman of salespeople, he knows that above all else, successful selling requires a personal touch. Now in retirement, Louis wants to teach hopeful professionals everywhere the lessons that create a winning salesperson. His innate desire to share his experiences, knowledge and insight with the world has compelled him to publish his first book, The Personal in Selling. He also posts weekly articles about professional selling on A father of two, Louis currently lives in his native California.

Published: 2010
Page Count: 90