The Perils Of Toxic Leadership

By Dr. Chris Justino
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The Perils of Toxic Leadership is a science-based research-heavy discovery of toxic leaders’ overall effect on workplace culture, the wellbeing of those they manage, and the costs associated with such leaders.

This book aims to take the latest science on the topic and morph it into a user-friendly accounting of its most extraordinary implications. There has never been a more focused time on toxic leadership in the history of the world than there is today. With this book, Dr. Chris Justino is trying to create a digestible and engaging read that helps shine a light on specific traits to spot before hiring a toxic leader, accepting a role under a toxic leader, or voting for one. Since the 80s, global economies have been subject to the most heinous atrocities committed by toxic leaders, such as major economic downturns, corporate scandals, and war. Dr. Justino wants to provide the information hundreds of studies (including his own) have produced on the subject, but in a way that communicates well beyond academia.

About the Author

Dr. Chris Justino is a father, a veteran, and a leader. He has two boys under the age of ten and continuously ponders the world they are inheriting from their father’s generation and the generations before him. Dr. Justino is known for helping his community, specifically those most vulnerable, to do better for themselves and their families.

On a personal note, Dr. Justino enjoys being a father more than anything. As an individual, the minds of leaders have fascinated him since he was a child, and nearly every book he owns has nonfiction based on actions of great and not-so-great humans. He loves to travel, find new mountains to snowboard, and learn everything. On a professional level, he has led many different types of organizations of all sizes. He believes that a great workplace culture leads to a great product and/or service.

Dr. Justino’s study, the foundation for this book, was “The Relationship between Toxic Leadership Traits and Employee Turnover Intentions among Four Cultural Typologies." He holds a BA in Business Leadership, an MBA, and a Doctor of Psychology with an emphasis on Organizational Development and Leadership.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 104