The Perfect Portrait

By John Paul Shuman Jr
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The Perfect Portrait is a tale of self-discovery for one young boy, Jay, whose life was taken just moments after his birth. In lieu of this, his grief-stricken mother, Serena, enlisted the aid of a person she has heard of in her travels, in the hope that, perhaps, his soul could be saved. With the purchase of a pendant and a few drops of blood, Serena enlisted the aid of a woman named Glenda, who was known to those as a “Spirit Bridge.” Using craft widely forbidden to those not aware, she restores Jay’s soul but takes it upon herself to care for him. Glenda does not tell Serena she will be Jay’s caretaker until the time is right. Time passes, and eventually Jay discovers the pendant, left in his closet. The words etched on the back do not resonate with him at the moment, yet through the pendant, he is later discovered by Serena, who transports her son to a realm unlike anything he could have imagined. At this moment, a journey of discovery, both of self and the realm around Jay begins...

About the Author

John Paul Shuman Jr, thirty-two, currently resides in the small town of Moultrie, Georgia, where he was born and raised. Ever since he was a child, Shuman has enjoyed taking pencil to paper, creating realms and situations leaving one to ponder the very facets that make up life itself.

Shuman’s other interests lie in classical music and the sounds of nature, which he uses to focus during long writing endeavors. He enjoys having long dialogues with others concerning the deeper facets of existence and the very workings behind our decisions, not only as humans or “mortals” but as part of a grander scheme.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 272