The Perfect Job

By Glenda M. Alcott
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"I know what is in your mind. I know what you fear most and I will use it against you. I will make you hurt in ways you never thought possible. Till death do us part, and Im already dead. Glenda M. Alcott weaves a chilling tale of a hooded avenger from whom there is no escape. She can slip like a shadow through prison bars, take on the shape of your worst nightmare, and even enter the past. She is the nemesis of those who prey on the innocent, forcing them to experience every terrible moment of the pain and fear that they inflicted on their victims or driving them into the abyss of insanity. Its my job, says the avenger. Its The Perfect Job.

About the Author

Born in Hollywood, Florida, Glenda M. Alcott has lived in Texas with her family for many years. She earned a college degree in law enforcement, and she is especially interested in horses, taxidermy, and fitness. What prompted her to write this book? The pain in my heart for the victims, she says, and the anger in my soul for the ones that hurt them. I want to show people that God does listen to their prayers and they will get the revenge they prayed for no more slap on the hand. This book came to me like a vision, from where I cant say.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 48