The Path To Excellence: 31 Days To The Zone

By Alan Brizee
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The Path to Excellence

The road to be a better athlete can be full of potholes. The Path to Excellence will take you on your wonderful journey step by step, day by day. A systematic approach for one month to a place called the zone by a top amateur who has achieved excellence. The zone is your subconscious being totally focused and distraction free for peak performance. It is where all top athletes are when they are on top of their game. Because only with a relaxed state of mind will you be able to travel there.

"I highly recommend Alan’s book" -Len Nicholson, PBA Hall of Fame

Alan Brizee will inject motivation each day to make your 31 day adventure not only fun, but an unforgettable, rewarding and incredible experience. You’ll have a little “homework” to do, so the exercises will reinforce what you’ve learned that day. He will add Mental Moments, his actual experience from competition for your ride there. He will supplement situations with some of his mistakes that you can learn from and avoid on your journey to the next level. His championships in Bowling and Golf will give amateurs knowledge for their expedition to the zone. He will explore all of the 345 factors that can keep you from the zone and how he was able to overcome them in his 50 years of competing. He will also include actual Senior Moments for tips when competing against the “kids”, and Team Moments so your team will have better team chemistry for more enjoyable celebrations.

"Alan's simple and systematic approach will get you even better." - Scott Washburn, Tucson Metro Hall of Fame and former U of A coach

Grab a cup of coffee and buckle up for the best adventure of your life. The knowledge and experience during this trip gets you to the zone in your sport. You must FREE YOUR MIND to believe. See you in the zone.

Published: 2020
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