The Pagan Book Of Wisdom & Knowledge: Baphomet Lodge

By Jonathan Ludd
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About the Book

Since the dawn of creation, the human race has spent endless hours studying times past and searching for an ultimate truth. To this end, Reverend Jonathan Ludd offers The Pagan Book of Wisdom and Knowledge: Baphomet Lodge, a working tool for any reader who is on the path of the old ones and seeking the light of the Craft. It is an informative and comprehensive account of pagan ritual as practiced by the Baphomet Lodge, which is deeply rooted in tradition stemming from Greek and Roman and Sumerian mythology. Reverend Ludd believes if the student is ready, the master will appear. Although he considers himself a mere humble servant of the universe, his book serves as an important reference for those seeking to learn about paganism.

About the Author

Reverend Jonathan Ludd is ordained in the Alka Antam in Cambridgeshire, England. He has been a member of lodges since 1992 and of the Pagan Federation since 2002. Outside the church, Reverend Ludd works as a care director, and he holds diplomas in health and business management. He is handfasted, married in the pagan church. In addition to writing, Reverend Ludd enjoys teaching, arts and crafts, and website design. He is currently writing three other manuscripts that also explore the beliefs and practices of the pagan religion.

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Published: 2008
Page Count: 170