The Pact: A Journey Beyond The Veil That Changed Everything

By Marnah Saetveit Lund and John Edward Saetveit
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A brother and a sister made a pact before they were born…

When John Edward Saetveit died right after graduating from college, his older sister, Marnah, was understandably devastated. How could such a beautiful being like her dear brother have been taken so young? It made no sense. But it had to be. This was part of their pact.

John agreed to die early so that he could plan, from the world of Spirit, events for his sister to experience. In turn, Marnah agreed to be the one to live here on earth to learn from John's planned events and ultimately share everything she learned about Spirit with you in this book.

For years, John and Marnah have been communicating across the veil. In fact, they wrote this book together! Here, they offer proof that we are eternal beings. This is a secret that has been kept from us for millennia.

Death may not be what you think it is. The truth is, we can never die. While we do live in a physical body, we are truly Spirit. We are eternal spiritual beings which means that we are much more powerful than we can imagine.

This remarkable story will inspire you to live fully, to reach out to the world of Spirit, and to know that you are not alone—ever—as you embark on your life's journey.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 162