The Other Side Of The Bridge

By Timothy E. Paul
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DON REVIEWS : The Other Side of the Bridge by Timothy E Paul

The historical fiction novel tells a story that revolves around the inner workings of two completely different
black ministers, different in thought and action. The setting is a 30 year anniversary march across the famous
Edmund Pettus Bridge out of Selma Alabama which took place in 1965. This was where the Civil Rights
Movement took hold.
The author highlights the good and evil found in man unrelated to the color of his skin. This is
demonstrated in both the ministers and the surrounding characters. A Christian influence is brought out by
several of the characters including the Police Chief who in the end solves the minister’s assassination with the
assistance of a dedicated police force. As we near the end we see the author’s Christian views strengthen
and his deep belief in Jesus Christ and his teachings as the true solution to a meaningful life.
I recommend reading this short novel. It gives us food for thought on how to make our lives and those
around us better through forgiveness and reconciliation, as opposed to seeking political and financial gain as
we see so often today.

Based on a real, historical place that had a profound effect on the civil rights and voting rights of black people, The Other Side of the Bridge: A Story of Racism, Redemption, and Reconciliation is a fictional book with a Christian influence involving the assassination attempt of not one, but two black clergymen during the 30th Anniversary Selma March. 

About the Author

Timothy E Paul lived in Selma and received a working knowledge of experiences portrayed in the book. Although fictional, the author writes with a different viewpoint than the usual political slant.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 124