The One-Eyed Cat And The Gambler: A Collection Of Aphorisms And Parables

By Jeffery Thorn Bennett
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The One-Eyed Cat and the Gambler is a collection of aphorisms and parables on many different topics, including philosophy, religion, love, human nature, time, and memory. Ranging in tone from pointedly satirical to lightly humorous, Jeffery Bennett’s intent is not to express truths, but rather to provoke and challenge the reader’s thoughts and philosophies.

About the Author

Jeffery Thorn Bennett is a retired Professor of Philosophy and Logic. He enjoys birdwatching, reading classical literature, and traveling to remote and exotic locations. His other interests include collecting antique rugs and investing in the stock market.

Bennett has been happily married for 31 years to his charming wife, Shirley, and has two wonderful children, Elizabeth and Andrew. He participates in animal rescue and has three one-eyed cats, Baisy, Brindles, and Bambers.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32