The Oldest Angel: Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

By B. K. Holder
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The book is written by the first human-like creation of God, before he left his native civilization and created the universe we live in today. The story blends science with religion to explain common myths in a simple manner from the perspective of someone who was there when it happened and has first hand knowledge. The explanations have fact, with a blend of fiction to have the reader scratch their head and think it may be true. Others may find it as an answer. Mixed with these explanations are the story of the angel going to earth as requested by his father to live with humans, for a perspective of the current state of humanity. The author made major contributions with humans to shape who they are. He settles in West Texas as a home and goes to work in the oil industry. He gets married and has a child. Over time, he figures out why he was sent to earth. By 2020 humanity had taken a wrong turn and he was the one to blame.

About the Author

B. K. Holder is a native Texan with over four decades of experience in the oil and gas service industry. The downturn in the oil industry, followed by restrictions from COVID-19 protocols left him without a job and locked down. The cold reality was this exit from the industry may be a one-way trip. To soothe his creative mind, he began writing a short story that extended into a novel. The freedom to imagine and write without rules was not only relaxing, but enjoyable. He hopes you enjoy this journey into his thoughts and perspective. The intent is a little humor and intrigue that provokes thought, along with the adventure a novel can bring and possibly a new perspective.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 252