The Officer

By Michael E. Bistrica
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When up-and-coming Hollywood star Lara Rose’s career begins to stall, her manager arranges a tour to entertain the troops during the Thanksgiving holiday. With the interference of fate, Captain Edward Madin is assigned as her escort. At the end of her time there, Lara realizes she has grown fond of him and, for both a publicity stunt and her own interest, she begins writing him letters while he is on assignment in the Middle East.

Lara and Edward’s romance begins to blossom, and Edward begins to struggle with Lara’s celebrity status. Will tabloids and paparazzi drive these two apart, or can love truly conquer all?

About the Author

Michael E. Bistrica was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, and attended Youngstown State University. He went on to serve as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers and retired from the US Army in 1996 as a Major. After the army, Bistrica worked as a project manager for an engineering firm and then became the project manager for a general contractor in assisting the building of the Georgia World Congress Phase IV Expansion. He later managed several projects in the state of Georgia and earned his master’s in technology management.

Bistrica is married to his wife Karen, and together, they have one daughter, a granddaughter, and a great-grandson. In his community, he aids in the construction of several Habitat for Humanity houses. In his spare time, Bistrica enjoys reading, astronomy, woodworking, and board and computer war gaming.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 182

Customer Reviews

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Ralph J. DeLucia
"The Officer"

A really good Army ROTC buddy, who I've known since way back when starting 1975. MAJ. Mike E. Bistrica, he was a Combat Engineer and we kept in contact. Now he and I were history, weapons & tactics, wargamer Geeks. Still are ! We both have two sets of wings awarded by the US Army ! Been all over the world ! We thought we seasoned "warriors".
So, he was back in town a few weeks ago. He told me he wrote a book and got it published by Dorrance Publishing, out of Pittsburg. I figured it would be something like Fredrick Forsyth or Tom Clancy would write. If a movie was made it would have guys like Arnold, Sly, etc. staring.
But then he handed me a copy. And basically, said it is a love story ... I thought he was kidding me ? But no he was serious ! The title - "The Officer" ... Mike asked me if I'd read and let him know what I thought. I was pretty impressed ... It pretty damn good ! I enjoyed reading it. I really wanted to know what the two main characters were going to do. What would happen to them.
Like most authors you write about some things you know about. I saw some of him in the main character - Edward. A Madin a US Army Combat Engineer Officer. I had been to many of the places he mentioned in the book. Like Ft. Bragg, NC, ROTC Advanced Camp, and more.
The love interest Lara, I thought it might be based a little bit on his lovely wife Karen ? The characters were well developed, not 2 dimensional, but like real people. Maybe people I know ? I think this a real-life case of teaching an old dog of war new tricks. This soldier, officer highly skilled in his military art. Now in his old age, he shows another side that no one knew was there. He can write a real love story. No M16s, no grenades, no helicopters, APCs, etc. The interaction and conversation between the two lovers sounded like something I'd overhear in a Starbucks.
If you have a chance, get a hold of a copy. Certainly, worth a look. The Officer by Michael E. Bistrica.

Rosanne D. Reames
The Officer by Michael E. Bistrica

An unexpected love story between two very different people who would not have met except for one of those flukes we have in our lifetimes. The Officer by Michael E. Bistrica presents a couple - one in the service, the other in entertainment who work hard through mistakes and misfortunes to develop their relationship. Hollywood meet the U. S. Army! The reader will find themselves caring deeply for these two main characters and what will befall them all the way to the star-crossed ending. A gentle well written piece by this first time author. I would truly recommend reading The Officer.