The Ocean Of Om

By Joel Bancroft
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The Ocean of OM: Thou Art That is a short book of philosophical poetry. It is born out of the Universal Contemplative Tradition, although it has great affinity to the Advaita Vedanta. It is about arriving at True Peace, about realizing and remembering the True Self. OM is that Silent Peace that is present everywhere, yet often goes unnoticed because of its subtlety. This Silent Peace is Reality and the True Self is behind the person who seeks.

About the Author

The Ocean of OM: Thou Art That is a continuation of the author’s work which started in his first book, The Hidden-Self of Sheer Silence. While The Ocean of OM is a poetic work focused on the Silent Non-dual Reality of the SELF, The Hidden-Self was a devotion work of prose. This transition from devotion to the Silent Non-dual Reality, from Bhakti to Jnana, is not commonly experienced or written about. The author speaks from his experience of crossing this bridge classically termed Tat Tvam Asi-Thou Art That.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 168