The Obvious Secret: A Discipleship Journey To Christian Maturity

By Bruce C. Steffens
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The Obvious Secret: A Discipleship Journey to Christian Maturity

The Obvious Secret explores the various major beliefs of the Christian faith from a logical and analytical standpoint. It is intended for two purposes. First, it is a resource to develop Christian discipleship curriculum for teachers and instructors. Secondly, it is a self-study resource for seekers, new believers, and even established believers. It contains a systemic approach to understand the “why” of what we believe and then helps one to establish and deepen a personal relationship with God. The book is not intended to tell someone what to believe, but rather to give the logical reasons related to belief topics and allow a person to discover the truth of the belief for themselves. However, without a vibrant relationship with God, all the understanding of God’s principles and truths are academic. A mature disciple is the person whose best friend is God and who helps those around him or her to know God’s love and create their own relationship with God.

About the Author

Bruce C. Steffens is an ordained lay minister. He is also a retired professional engineer with an analytical mind. He spent twelve years as a US Coast Guard rescue pilot and aircraft maintenance officer. He went through the US Naval Aviation training in Pensacola, Florida, and flew helicopters out of Cape May, New Jersey; Kodiak, Alaska; and Traverse City, Michigan. He has flown off of Coast Guard cutters, landed on many of the Aleutian Islands, and scared himself in snow squalls in the Bering Sea. Bruce graduated from Purdue University with a Master of Science in aerospace structures. His thirty-five year civilian employment was with large aerospace related companies, analyzing the mechanical design of aircraft parts and sensor systems. He taught Mechanical Engineering analysis courses to many young engineers over many years. Bruce’s lifetime hobby has been working with boys, first in Boy Scouts and for the last thirty years with Royal Rangers, a denominational boy’s group. He has enjoyed nature study, camping, hiking, and related outdoor activities, mainly leading boy’s events.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 552